Fire Jimmy Fallon & Bring Me Back, Says Jay Leno

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Forgotten funnyman Jay Leno is urging NBC bosses to ditch hard-partying “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon — and he wants to reclaim the job!

The veteran late-night star still has friends in high places at the rainbow network and would jump at the chance to host the show again.

“He has been telling them that Jimmy risks wrecking the show’s reputation with his out-of-control antics,” dished an insider. “He wants them to fire Fallon before he does any more damage. And he’s made it clear that he’s prepared to step in to save the day!”

TV bosses hit the panic button when Jimmy, 41, ended up in a hospital for the second time in four months, this time after a day of boozing Oct. 24.

In the latest incident, the comedian was attending an event in his honor at the prestigious Harvard University.

After reportedly glugging rum- and vodka-based cocktails, Jimmy fell and cut his hand while clutching a bottle of Jägermeister.

Jimmy, who has two young daughters with long-suffering wife Nancy Juvonen, also recently posed for photos with brunette hotties he met in a bar.

“Nancy is growing tired with his behavior and is threatening to divorce him if he doesn’t clean up his act,” said a friend of the star, who’s worth an estimated $25 million. “He needs to start realizing that he has a wife and kids —and stop acting like he’s an irresponsible frat boy.”

Jimmy has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, insiders said.

“While he likes to portray himself as a family man and doting dad, he frequently dumps his wife and goes out on booze benders,” revealed the pal. “And he seems to mix in circles where cocaine is used.

“Jimmy loves the bright lights of New York, but he is spiraling out of control.”

But a rep for NBC countered: “Like everyone at NBC, Jay Leno is 100% supportive of Jimmy Fallon and has never intimated on any level a desire to return as host of ‘The Tonight Show.’”

Jay, 65, made a surprise appearance Oct. 6 on Jimmy’s show.

“That reminded Jay how much he missed hosting the show,” said the insider.