Fergie and Josh Duhamel honeymoon is over!

Six months after their wedding, pals say the Hollywood hipsters are fighting to save their marriage because he wants children, and she won’t give up her rock star lifestyle!

The Grammy winning Black Eyed Peas songbird and Transformers hunk "are clashing night and day, and they’re desperately trying to get a handle on their problems," a close friend told the ENQUIRER.

"Publicly they’re painting a picture of sheer bliss, but behind the scenes, cracks in their young marriage are beginning to show."

Josh, 36, is now one of the hottest leading men in films. "But he’s a traditional guy, and he wants a family," the friend said.

However, Fergie, 34, "doesn’t seem capable of slowing down long enough to really consider children," the friend added.

"She’s the toast of the music world with Black Eyed Peas and has an incredibly hectic schedule touring, recording and performing."

The controversial singer -born Stacy Ann Ferguson – "is doing a ton of publicity and even designing her own line of shoes," the friend said. "There aren’t enough hours in the day for everything she wants to do. Plus, she’s a major partier."

A recent incident at Hollywood’s trendy Cinespace brought the couple’s issues into the forefront, a source told The ENQUIRER.

"Fergie looked so drunk that night that she was basically throwing up as her security team escorted her out through the kitchen," the source said.

"She’d been pounding back vodka and tequila. Josh was nowhere to be seen that night. You’d never think she was a newly married woman!

"Josh is still madly in love with her, and she loves him. But Josh wants Fergie to grow up."