The California Attorney General is investigating the FARRAH FAWCETT Foundation for possible fraud, and mismanagement of funds

The charitable foundation was established after Farrah’s tragic death in June 2009 following her brave battle with cancer.

RadarOnline.com reported Farrah Fawcett Foundation and the Farrah Fawcett Living Trust  were given 60 days to comply with the Attorney General’s Office of Charitable Trust’s investigation.

 Richard B. Francis, the trustee of the estate and chairman of the foundation, said that the investigation is a “witch hunt”,  He also claims the foundation “has done nothing wrong”  and is apparently cooperating with the investigation.

The organizations must turn over estate documents as well as the financial records by a non-disclosed September deadline.

Farah Foundation prez and longtime pal Alana Stewart, the president of the Foundation, said the investigation is “outrageous.”

The Attorney General’s office has not commented publicly on the probe.