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Fans Furious Over Ellen DeGeneres’ Dirty Trick

TV talk queen is a no-show at Sin City event.

Ellen degeneres GLOBESUNDAY

Furious fans are howling for Ellen DeGeneres’ head after a cruel stunt in Las Vegas left them standing for hours waiting for the star to grace them with her presence — only to have the TV queen stiff them by only appearing on a video screen!

“I’m probably never going to watch her show again,” declared ticked-off Mike Gatlin.

Ellen’s internet posts touted a live taping on the Las Vegas Strip, urging fans to converge at Caesars Palace hotel and casino.

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“Someone is winning a big prize & it could be you,” a tweet from Ellen declared.

Follow-up posts from “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” mentioned the University of Nevada, prompting the school’s students and supporters to turn out for what was hyped as a huge event.

But after hundreds of people arrived at the designated spot and waited for several hours, they discovered it was all a scam! Ellen was in her cushy Los Angeles studio, and the live Vegas segment was nothing more than a crowd shot and a brief contest to win a car.

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“It’s a little misleading,” griped attendee Larry Mahoney.

Ellen only appeared on huge outdoor TV screens, urging the crowd to “forget everything” and dance.

While some fans got in the spirit, grooving along with Ellen and joining in a trivia contest, others were having a hard time “forgetting.”

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“I’m really bummed,” fumed Amber Genta, who was with a group from Idaho that stormed away. “She tricked us!”