AFTER being told her cancer had returned with a vengeance, a devastated PENNY MARSHALL has given up on following doctors’ orders, say sources.

“Unless someone convinces her to keep fighting, Penny will not make it much longer,” revealed a family insider. “Doctors are giving her only six months to live without treatment.”

The 69-year-old comedy star and director had gone into remission from lung and brain cancer, but the source says she recently received the heartbreaking news that physicians found a large mass on her brain.

“Penny vows she will not go through what she did before,” confided the insider.

“There is pressure on her brain, and it’s starting to make her slur her words. It’s also affecting her reasoning, so surgeons need to operate as soon as possible.

“But Penny said she’ll never go through surgery, radiation and chemotherapy again.

“She’s also refusing to use oxygen, even though her lung capacity is only 40 percent and causing her to constantly struggle for breath.

“In addition to the brain mass, she is suffering from renal failure and her other organs are starting to show signs of shutting down.”

To make matters even worse, the defiant “Laverne & Shirley” star is smoking more than ever.

Sadly, friends fear she’s given up her three-year battle against the dreaded disease.

Said the insider: “Now, I think Penny is just trying to get her affairs in order.”