White House ‘Chef’ Gets Caught Cooking Up Lies

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A new tell-all out of the White House has angry insiders calling out a shady chef!

Ronnie Seaton says that he spent 34 years in the White House kitchen, and his new book — "Sir White House Chef" — is full of wild stories about George W. Bush and Bill Clinton!

Ronnie even claims to have served up a sexy supper full of aphrodisiacs to President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky!

But The ENQUIRER has learned that Ronnie is serving up baloney!

The White House has no records of Ronnie ever working at the White House — even though he insists that he cooked for Presidents ranging from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama!

A close look at the questionable cook's claims — including that President George W. Bush left marijuana joints behind after meals — also reveals that Ronnie takes credit for dinners overseen by other official White House chefs!

"This book would be a major best-seller if anyone could believe the author," said a publishing insider.

"Instead, it's being published by a small press because Ronnie's claims just don't add up!"

The industry spy also said that it was "laughable" how Ronnie claimed to have witnessed a vital moment in the biggest sex scandal out of the White House.

Ronnie claims that the morning after he served dinner to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, he stopped by the private dining room…

One of the Secret Service men walked out with a dress on a hanger wrapped in a cleaners bag. It was a dark blue garment.

"Ooh, that dress," I commented. "It’s really long."

"Yeah, we have to take it to the cleaners," the man answered. "It’s got a stain on the chest." 

"A stain?" I didn’t think much about it.

In real life, of course, a stain on a blue dress provided the incriminating DNA that proved Bill Clinton had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

But no one has ever claimed that the two canoodled anywhere outside of the Oval Office!

Ronnie also insists that he witnessed George W. Bush cavorting with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice!

The wild tales don't end there, though!

Locals said that 62-year-old Ronnie isn't even known as a chef in New Orleans — despite the book chronicling how he once cooked an epic meal that had him knighted by an impressed Queen Elizabeth!

Ronnie also claims to be a former POW who received the Medal of Freedom — the highest civilian award in the country — from two different Presidents!

"The stories are all too good to be true," said the publishing veteran, "and it looks like none of them are!"