An Eyewitness Recalls Crazed Jimmy Fallon’s Oscar Night Antics

Jimmy asked kirsten dunst short

My wild Oscar night with Jimmy Fallon started with a low-spoken request for cocaine that Kirsten Dunst and I heard before we saw who was talking: “Psst, Kirsten. Are you holding?”

The voice came from one of the heavy white curtains draped around an ad hoc tent on the parking lot of a Morton’s Steakhouse in West Hollywood (in 2005).

There were hundreds of A-list celebrities drunkenly about. We turned and saw yet another one tapping the side of his nose in the tell-tale gesture for Hollywood’s drug of choice.

It was Jimmy Fallon! 

After Kirsten told him, “No,” he looked at me and asked, “How ’bout you?”

He begged me for drugs! I said, “No,” and he looked a little bummed out.

Then he joined us and we talked about “SNL” and his cameo on the HBO series “Band of Brothers.”

A little while later he was gone and talking to someone else — and perhaps asking them the same scandalous question he posed to me!