THE BACHELOR” Sean Lowe may be an open book to the 25 women he’s ro­manced on the hit ABC series, but he’s managed to keep a few secrets – until now!

Here, exclusively for ENQUIRER readers, are some hush-hush facts about the 29-year-old hunk.

He’s a wordsmith. A closet spelling bee fanatic, Sean loves to whip out his iPhone and play the popular Scrabble-like game Words With Friends. He’s a pro who’s notched the highest scores among friends and family.

He’s part of a sorority – sort of. The Texas native is a big fan of Texas A&M University’s Kappa Kappa Gamma soror­ity. Its members watch “The Bachelor” religiously and are rooting for Sean to find true love.

He’s a “prayer warrior.” Long before he became fa­mous for his six-pack abs and dating life, Sean – a member of the Plymouth Park Bap­tist Church in Irving, Texas – was featured on the cover of his father Jay’s spiritual book and DVD, “Witnessing Made Easy.”

He’s a night owl! The guy would rather study and work all night than get some shut-eye. “Sean can survive on three hours of sleep,” says a pal. “All through college he would stay up all night long – not party­ing – doing his schoolwork!”

He’s a fierce shopper and total clotheshorse! With his brother-in-law Andrew in tow, shopper Sean picked out his entire wardrobe for his stint as a contestant on “The Bach­elorette.” So he was a little dis­appointed when ABC’s ward­robe department chose all his clothes for his starring role as “The Bachelor.”

He’s a furniture fanatic! Sean and a few close friends in Dallas launched a business called Factory Girl that creates one-of-a-kind and custom-made furnishings. Oh, and they design purses too, but Sean leaves that task to some­one else!

 Sean’s number one celebrity fan is Hank Azaria, star of the big-screen hit “Birdcage,” the ’90s sitcom “Mad About You” and TV’s “The Simpsons.” Azaria watches “The Bach­elor” with his girlfriend.

Before starring as “The Bachelor,” studly Sean dated several Dallas Cowboys cheer­leaders.

 Sean has actually been en­gaged for three months. His proposal during the three-hour “Bachelor” finale airing March 11 was filmed before Thanksgiving.

So how did Sean fill his time between dates and when the show wasn’t filming? He’ll tell you that he was working long, hard days, but his sister says that what he really did was sleep!