Exposed: Pervy Prez Barack Obama’s Secret Cyber Gal!

Barack Obama

The “Commander-in-Cheat” is at it again!

In yet another slap in the face to First Lady Michelle Obama, The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned her hubby is lusting after a busty former Penthouse Pet!

The object of Barack’s affection is Justene Jaro, a 31-year-old porn actress whose steamy Twitter account is being tracked by the official Barack Obama Twitter account!

“It’s the latest cheating bombshell to rock Michelle, and she’s furious,” a White House insider told The ENQUIRER.

“One of her aides found out the president was following this woman on Twitter, and she hit the roof!

“Michelle ranted at him that his wandering eye was getting too blatant, and that he was making a fool of himself because she knew it would eventually get out to the public.

“She’s already booted him from their bedroom, and is just about ready to ban him from their living quarters. She told him he could sleep on the couch in the Oval Office!”

Barack’s account on Twitter, @barackobama, is one of over 47,000 following Justene’s, @justenejaro.

In her Twitter profile picture, the brunette sexpot poses naked with her legs spread open and a digitally imposed pizza barely covering her breasts.

But Justene’s father has no problem with the president following his unmarried daughter on social media, even though dad-of-two Barack is 22 years her senior.

Jarvin Jaro told The ENQUIRER: “He can do whatever he wants – it’s a free country! No matter what my political beliefs are, I’m okay with it.”

Justene’s Facebook page teases fans with a series of seductive photographs, including one showing her topless in the backseat of a car, asking, “Who wanna take a ride with me?”

What’s more, her Twitter and Instagram accounts link to her pay-per-view softporn website, “Club Justene Jaro,” which shows her in various topless poses. The profile page shows her straddling a blonde beauty fondling her breasts by the edge of a pool.

On her 2008 spread in Penthouse, Justene gushed: “The most remarkable sexual experience I’ve ever had was in public.

“It’s not original, but it’s very exciting. I liked the danger factor so much that I also had sex in a club!” Justene also appears in several videos posted on the websites “Pornhub” and “SpankBang.”

The Filipino-Puerto Rican sexpot has spoken out against animal abuse, and even established a fundraising page for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles.

L.A.-based photographer Estevan Oriol, who has worked with Justene for about five years, described her to The ENQUIRER as “very professional and easygoing.”

When informed the President was following her, he said: “I think it’s pretty cool.”

Justene joins a growing list of ladies who have caught the Prez’s wandering eye. They include Denmark’s prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, actress Gabrielle Union, sexy “Scandal” star Kerry Washington, “True Detective” hottie Alexandra Daddario and even Beyoncé.

Concluded the White House source: “Now Justene is one more Michelle has to worry about.”