The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” will have some real celebrity firepower behind it if SYLVESTER STALLONE’s wife JENNIFER FLAVIN gets her way.

The former model and mother of three has been considering joining the hit Bravo reality series next season, according to published reports. Now, in a stunning new development, sources say Jennifer is “heavily recruiting” close pal Emma Heming – the gorgeous former Victoria’s Secret model and pregnant wife of Bruce Willis – to join too.

They know each other from their modeling days, and Jen thinks the two of them together can ‘take over’ the show – and she loves that their hubbies are friends too,” a Hollywood pal told The ENQUIRER.

“While Jennifer says Sly is totally supportive of the idea, she’s trying to get Emma to convince Bruce that this would be a good thing. He’s wary because Emma is about to become a first-time mom. He’s also not thrilled about having a reality TV crew following them everywhere.”

With Season 2 of the show just wrapped, Bravo is reportedly thinking about adding some new faces, and Jennifer is under consideration.

In the meantime, Jennifer is so enthusiastic about her casting concept that she arranged a dinner to discuss her idea, say sources, and on March 1, photographers snapped the two couples emerging from Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

“Bruce told Jennifer he would consider the idea,” revealed the source. “But first he wants to get past the impending arrival of his new baby.”