In a case of mistaken terror, animal lover Linda Blair‘s Labrador was shot dead to stop it from mauling a pet pig.

Cops rushed to Blair’s animal shelter on Sunday after a neighbor allegedly shot dead the actress’ dog to stop it attacking a pet pig.

The Exorcist star’s Labrador cross escaped from her WorldHeart Foundation rescue centre in  Los Angeles, before running to a nearby ranch, where it savagely mauled a miniature potbellied pig.

The ranch owners told cops the dog clawed the pig in a "death grip" so they fired five shots into the air in an attempt to frighten the rabid beast away

When the dog didn’t release its now bloody claws from its porcine victim, Blair’s neighbors claim they had no choice but to open fire –  gunning down the crazed canine.

The victim, a pig nicknamed Gerty, is expected to recover.   The dog which allegedly perpetrated the attack is dead.

Authorities say the piglets owners acted accordingly have decided not to file charges.

Linda is said to be inconsolable.