As DONALD TRUMP’s blockbuster new book hits stores this week, The ENQUIRER has learned that a new wave of supporters are begging “The Donald” to re-enter the 2012 presidential race!

In an exclusive “sneak peek” of the book “Time to Get Tough – Making America #1 again,” the 65-year-old billionaire drops the bombshell that he may still make a run for the White House.

The real estate mogul and star of the super reality TV show hit “The Apprentice” seriously considered making the run before announcing in May he would not be a candidate.

But while other top candidates have been lining up to get his cherished endorsement – most recently Republican contender Newt Gingrich – Trump reveals in his new book he might still jump back into the fray to get the nation back on track.

“My primary reason for running for the presidency would be to straighten out the mess Obama has made of the country,” Trump writes in his new book, which was provided to The ENQUIRER exclusively.

In tough words, Trump adds: “We’re being humiliated, disrespected and badly abused. Obama was a leftist  experiment that has failed and gone horribly wrong!”

In his book, Trump offers a prescription for bringing America out of the “total economic disaster” he blames on Obama as well as a remedy for overcoming the country’s astronomical debt.

“Our children’s futures are on the line – and we have to come through for them,” he writes in an emotional outburst. “We have to  get tough so that our country can be great again.”

In his no-holds-barred book, Trump hammers Obama on everything from his health care plan to immigration policies, and pointedly notes: “Two of his relatives – his uncle Onyango ‘Omar’ Obama (arrested for drunk driving in Massachusetts) and his aunt Zeituni Onyango – are illegal aliens who have magically avoided deportation, with his aunt having finally been awarded asylum.”

In another bombshell in the book, Trump recalls when his gorgeous wife Melania convinced him he could be elected president.

Trump, who married the Slovenia-born beauty in 2005 – writes: “For years I would ask whether or not I could run and win. And she would say, ‘Donald, people love you, but they wouldn’t vote for you for president…you’re a little wild and little too controversial.’

“But as she’s watching political news on television and seeing all the things that are wrong with our country, she looks at me and says, ‘Darling, you know you’d win if you ran, don’t you? People really need you. I see it on the streets.”

And Trump’s wife isn’t alone, The ENQUIRER has learned, in terms of people wanting him to run for president!

There’s a new groundswell of support for Trump, who are still clinging to the dream that he’ll re-enter the race.

The grass roots movement began last winter when Trump’s hard-driving Executive Vice President and Special Counsel Michael Cohen independently launched the website   www.shouldtrumprun.com – and it quickly became an Internet sensation!

The site initially received a whopping 830,000 hits and continues to draw traffic to this day.

The website was the smart move of Cohen, whom ABC TV called “Trump’s ‘pit bull’ – with some even nicknaming him ‘Tom,’ a reference to Tom Hagen, the consigliore to Vito Corleone in "The Godfather.”

 Last March, Cohen told The ENQUIRER’s website: “After a series of standing ovations at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in early February, citizens by the hundreds of thousands are asking the trillion dollar question, Will Donald Trump run for the Presidency in 2012?  “In my view, the answer is a resounding yes!”

Cohen continued: “Donald Trump should run. For this reason, I created the independent site www.shouldtrumprun.com to orchestrate a grass roots movement of like minded people that want to put this Country back on the right direction.

“The current leadership of our great country has taken us off track and sold our future to foreign interests. Instead of promoting ideas to improve our nations ailing economy and staggering unemployment numbers they create stimulus packages that squander our already limited resources.

“With over 400,000 people already joining shouldtrumprun.com, the message from these frustrated Americans is united: we want Donald Trump as our President because only he can use his tested experiences and business acumen to restore America as the world’s leading economic super power.

“If we are to return to greatness, we need a leader who will be unafraid to tell Americans the honest truth on where we stand today. Instead of bowing to foreign kings and apologizing to dignitaries for our super power status, we need a new President who will ensure that America becomes respected again.

“As a self made man and one of the worlds most successful businessmen in history, Mr. Trump knows how to get things done… far beyond the gifted oratory skills of a community organizer,” Cohen added.  Check out the website today @ www.shouldtrumprun.com

AND for more exclusive details from Trump’s new book – including how he made Lady Gaga a superstar and why he calls Bryant Gumbel “a clown” and “a jerk,” pick up the new issue of The ENQUIRER print edition – on newsstands now!