"Touched by an Angel" star DELLA REESE is a pot-smok­ing preacher who covered up for employees after they swindled her church out of a small fortune.
That’s the shocking accusation of the TV legend’s former executive assistant Billie Hall, who claims Della and her husband Franklin Lett basically “looked the other way” while employees mismanaged funds at their Understanding Principles for Better Living Church.
Even worse, Hall accused the 79- year-old actress – who’s an ordained minister – of using marijuana and ask­ing a church employee to score dope!
“I worked for Della and her hus­band for nine years, and I’ve seen her smoke pot on a daily basis. She was stoned when she went to the ‘Touched by an Angel’ set,” Hall told The ENQUIRER.
While Della says she’s not “addicted” to pot, she admitted to The ENQUIRER: “I smoke a joint or two every now and then to relax.”
A few years after the drug fiasco,Della discovered $1.5 million was missing from the church coffers. She and her husband said they traced the loss to former employ­ees who had been cashing church checks and using church credit cards.
The ENQUIRER also obtained court documents concerning al­legations of misappropriation of funds, and they show that another former employee was asked to put money from the church into what the employee believed were person­al accounts.
Della said she informed her con­gregation about the missing money, but chose not to prosecute the em­ployees.
“I’m not that type of person, and I decided not to drag the church through all that,” she explained.
 “I know how to make money, and I decided to just start all over again. I felt that God would lift me up.”
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