Exclusive! Smoking Zeta-Jones Ignites Michael Douglas Fears


MICHAEL DOUGLAS is begging wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES to kick her deadly smoking habit, The ENQUIRER can exclusively reveal.

The “Chicago” beauty, 44, is regularly seen puffing away, even though her husband of 13 years successfully waged a tough battle against tongue cancer.

“Catherine’s smoking is looking heavier than ever,” a source revealed. “I think she easily smokes up to two packs a day, and with all the problems Michael has had with cancer, he just can’t bring himself to turn a blind eye.”

At 69, the two-time Oscar- winning actor desperately hopes his 25-years-younger wife won’t take her health for granted, added the source.

“Michael doesn’t want Catherine to make the same mistake and end up as seriously ill as he did,” the source added.

“Catherine says she’ll quit smoking when she’s ready, but she’s been saying that for years.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, the “Wall Street” star has struggled through a stressful period recently, despite reuniting with Catherine following a temporary split in 2013.

Insiders revealed that Michael has been “consumed with guilt” over memories of his gay half-brother Eric, who died of a drug overdose in 2004 at the age of 46. Sources say Michael and his famous father Kirk snubbed his tragic sibling because they couldn’t come to terms with his sexuality. That reportedly continues to take a toll on the “Basic Instinct” star’s conscience. Michael is also stressed over the incarceration of his 35-year-old son Cameron for drug trafficking.

On top of that, sources say Michael worries about his ailing father Kirk, who at 97 is reportedly at death’s door.

Now those close to Michael fear his wife’s refusal to stop smoking could push him over the edge!

“The last thing Michael needs right now is any more stress, but this situation with Catherine’s smoking is tearing him apart,” another insider told The ENQUIRER. “But the reality is that she has had a very tough time quitting.

“Catherine constantly reassures Michael that there’s nothing to worry about, saying she has her smoking under control, and she’s very health-conscious in every other aspect of her life.

“But Michael is convinced Catherine’s playing Russian roulette with her health by continuing to smoke, and it’s stressing him out beyond belief.”