After ANGELINA JOLIE collapsed dur­ing a mission to war-torn Africa, a shaken BRAD PITT warned the rail-thin beauty that her humanitarian work could kill her!

The 37-year-old skeletal superstar was recently inves­tigating the plight of raped and injured women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo when she crumbled in a heap on a bathroom floor.

A physician gave her emergency treatment, and she kept the frightening in­cident secret until she made it safely back to Los Ange­les. But once she confessed what had happened to Brad, he hit the roof, revealed an insider.

“Brad warned her, ‘You’ve got to slow down. You’re kill­ing yourself,’” said the insider. “And he reminded her that her own kids need her around, and that he doesn’t want them growing up motherless.

“He said Angie is juggling a busy career while also attempting to save the Third World – and it’s a mission impossible.”

As a UN special envoy and ambassador of good will, the bighearted actress has been working long hours in mos­quito-infested, strife-ridden areas, often under extremely dangerous conditions.

At the same time, said the in­sider: “She eats like a bird and rarely touches meat. Brad and her close friends have tried to persuade her that she must take better care of herself.”

The grueling hours and ter­rible working conditions all came to a head for the mother of six while she was in the Congo to visit with thousands of war victims.

“Angelina was so pathetically thin and pale that some of the refugees looked to be in better shape,” an Afri­can source told The ENQUIRER. “At one point I saw an assistant put out a protective arm because he feared she would pass out. She wasn’t wearing makeup and looked gaunt. Those refugees must have been shocked at the sight of such a famous Hollywood star.

“She was far from the glamorous beauty they expected.”

Angelina was flown by helicop­ter from the unbearably humid, unsanitary refugee camp to a staging area for a meeting with Congolese officials – but she was soon found slumped on the floor of the rest­room.

A guard raised the alarm and help was summoned, said the source.

Angelina recov­ered quickly af­ter a medic gave her an IV of flu­ids to relieve her dehydration, but she refused to go to a hospital for a more detailed exam.

Astonishingly, the determined actress managed to gather enough strength to spend sev­eral more days on her mission before returning home.

“She was skeletal,” said the source. “Her cheeks were sallow and she looked in need of a rest. She looks like she may be as low as 93 pounds.”

Despite the per­sonal hardships, Angelina prom­ises to continue spreading her vital message: “We will no longer stand for rape and violence against women.”