HOW SARAH PALIN shafted Alaska! Exclusive interview!

Alaska’s richest man is blasting Sarah Palin for failing to avert a po­tentially devastating environmental disaster in the state she once governed – and now he wants ENQUIRER readers’ help to get the job done!

In an exclusive interview, Bob Gillam, founder of McKinley Capital Management and a staunch envi­ronmentalist, alleged that a foreign mining venture called Pebble Mine in Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay is believed to be threatening the habitat of the salmon-filled natural wonder.

“Sarah double-crossed us,” he says.

“When she was governor, Sarah told me on more than one occasion her daughter Bristol was named after Bristol Bay and she would never do anything to hurt the area, especially since she had a salmon fishing permit herself,” said Gillam.

The benevolent billionaire fears the toxic waste from the site could leak into the water after one of Alaska’s regular earthquakes, killing half of the world’s wild salmon. The pink-fleshed fish is the dietary staple of the more than 15,000 aboriginal Alaskans who live around the bay.

Local tribal council member Ricky Delkittie says aboriginal children would be at greatest risk for star­vation and diet-related illnesses if Bristol Bay became contaminated.

“We have good, clean water and my people have lived here for 10,000 years,” he says. “If there are diet and starvation issues, it is going to lead to thousands of children’s deaths in the future.”

Gillam, who has poured millions of dollars of his own money into sav­ing the area, says the situation could have been avoided if former gover­nor Sarah Palin had done the right thing.

But just before she became the Republican vice presidential candi­date in 2008, Sarah voted AGAINST an initiative that would have re­quired the Pebble Mine developers to keep the water in the area clean.

A final decision on the mine proposal will be made in the next six to 12 months, and Gillam is asking ENQUIRER readers to contact Alaska’s current governor, Sean Parnell, to ask him to cam­paign against it.

“I think readers should remind him that he should protect these aboriginal Alaskans,” said Gillam, “and put Americans first rather than the greedy financial interests of foreign mining companies.”

HOW YOU CAN HELP: ENQUIRER readers wishing to speak out  can write the Renewable Resources Coalition at 605 West 2nd Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501, or e-mail info@renewable resourcescoalition.org. Alaskan Governor Sean Parnell can be reached at: Governor Sean Parnell, P.O. Box 110001, Juneau, AK 99811-0001. E-mail: sean.parnell@alaska.gov.