MICHAEL VICK’s tortured and vicious pit bulls have been turned into a pack of sweethearts, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively!

Five years after a San Francisco-based animal rescue group stepped in to save some of the horribly abused animals seized from the pro football star’s despicable dog-fighting ring, many of them are flourishing as therapy dogs and wonderful family pets.

It’s an incredible turn-around, and The ENQUIRER has their amazing stories and photos in an exclusive report that is sure to warm your heart!

While quarterback Vick is now back in the NFL after serving time in jail, seven of the once ferocious dogs and their new owners recently got together for an emotional reunion. All have been certified as Canine Good Citizens, thanks to the work of BadRap – Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls – which transformed the brutal beasts into gentle, loving pets.

"When we took them in, the dogs were very stressed, and some even needed serious medical treatment,” said Donna Reynolds, Co-Founder and Executive Director of BadRap."They were scared and frightened … but now they are all alive and doing well."

One competes in agility competitions and is the star of a children's book, another is the model for a new toy doll, and Hector, a brown pit bull with a wide grin, scored a date with Betty White!

Our touching report is a source of inspiration to dog-lovers everywhere – and you’ll find it only in The ENQUIRER – now on sale!