A shocking hidden secret in a new Elvis tell-all book supports a Swedish woman’s wild claim that LISA MARIE PRESLEY is an imposter!

As The National ENQUIRER has reported, Lisa Johansen alleges that she is the real daughter of Elvis, and was replaced by the fake Lisa Marie in a bizarre child-swap when she was 9 years old.

Johansen said the secret switch was made for security reasons after Elvis’ death on Aug. 16, 1977, as she was taken from Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tenn., to safekeeping in Scandinavia – and described her childhood as a “fairy-
tale with my father as the King.”

Now an autobiography from Ginger Alden – Elvis’ fiancée at the time of his death – brings explosive new insight into the unbelievable scandal!

A family insider told The ENQUIRER: “Ginger got very close to Lisa Marie in the months before Elvis’ death, when that would’ve actually been Johansen.

“But after Elvis’ death, the lookalike child treated Ginger as something of a stranger!”

Ginger’s autobiography, “Elvis and Ginger,” provides plenty of details about the bond between her and young Lisa Marie.

The book reveals that Lisa Marie lovingly called Ginger by the same pet name that Elvis used – “Gingerbread.” The two would often shop together, and rode golf carts around the grounds of Graceland when Lisa Marie visited from the Los Angeles home where she was raised by Priscilla Presley.

Ginger also provided more disturbing details while recounting a story of visiting Graceland with her sister Rosemary – as Ginger sees “Lisa on her golf cart, watching us,” just a year after his death.

Ginger wrote: “Rosemary yelled, ‘Come over here!’ ‘I can’t!’ Lisa responded.

“In unison, Rosemary and I shouted, ‘Why not?’ Lisa replied, ‘I was told not to talk with anyone.’”

The little girl Ginger had known so well only a year before now wouldn’t come near her!

A confused Ginger concluded in her book that the change in Lisa Marie’s behavior was “crazy,” adding: “It was a strange moment.”

Johansen first attempted to sue the Presley estate for $130 million in damages in 2011, with lawyers for the estate dismissing Johansen as “delusional” and “malicious.”

But, as the insider noted: “Ginger obviously isn’t involved in the Lisa Marie imposter case. Now this could be the bombshell evidence that Lisa Johansen has been waiting for all these years – and Ginger Alden may have no idea she has it!”