AS country music legend RANDY TRAVIS clings to life, a vicious battle is raging over his $15 million fortune!

The 54-year-old singer is at death’s door after contracting double pneu­monia, sources say. Now his ex-wife, LIB HATCHER TRAVIS, is fighting his still-married “fiancée,” MARY DAVIS BEOUGHER, for control of his assets.

“Randy’s final days are being ruined by their constant bickering and feud­ing,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “While he was lying in a hospital bed on life support unable to speak and barely able to move, these two women were destroying his last hope for peace with their fight over his money.”

The richest point of contention is a $10 million insurance policy, in­siders say. Travis originally named Lib as sole beneficiary. But he slashed her share to $2 million during their divorce, and sources say Mary may now be the sole beneficiary.

Travis is said to be worth about $5 million in property and invest­ments, but future royalties on his music are worth many millions more.

And sources say that ex-wife Lib, who was Travis’ manager for nearly two decades, feels entitled to the money since she helped him become the star he is – and also kept him on the straight and narrow.

All that apparently went down the drain after he got together with Mary, the wife of Travis’ dentist.

“Randy was doing fine with Lib, but once he hooked up with Mary he started drinking and drugging,” said a close source. “She destroyed his life. It’s disgusting! Lib made Randy and now Mary’s going to finish him.

“As soon as Mary and Randy moved in together, she became his drinking buddy and gave him unlimited per­mission to self-destruct. For 19 years with Lib, Randy was fine. One year with Mary and he’s at death’s door.

“Meanwhile, Mary won’t let Lib anywhere near Randy. But Lib feels entitled to all of Randy’s royalties and the $10 million policy.”

The Grammy winner was hospital­ized in critical condition with viral cardiomyopathy on July 7. As The ENQUIRER reported, Travis’ heart problems could have been exacer­bated by his return to drinking after 19 years of sobriety and a deadly new addiction to speed.

He suffered a stroke on July 10 and underwent surgery to relieve pres­sure on his brain. But he seemed to be rallying, sources say, until he inhaled food into his lungs and contracted double pneumonia. That landed him in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

“Mary thinks she’s going to live the high life after Randy dies, but Lib will never let that happen,” said the source. “Lib’s ready to duke it out to the bitter end, and the whole mess is sure to end up in a lengthy court battle once Randy’s gone.”