Queen Elizabeth has ordered Prince William’s pregnant wife Kate Middleton to forget her plan for a home birth!

The Duchess of Cambridge was determined to break with tradition and deliver her first daughter in a maternity unit set up in the family apartment in Kensington Palace, royal sources told The National ENQUIRER.

But when word reached Queen Elizabeth that a guest bedroom was to be equipped with every device that might be needed in an emergency, the monarch put her foot down.

“Kate was determined to have the baby in the comfort of [her] home with William present,” the palace insider said. “She consulted medical experts and they drew up plans to install all the equipment in a room close to William and Kate’s master bedroom. But they didn’t anticipate the Queen’s reaction.”

The Queen personally spoke to Kate, 33, and warned her about the potential dangers of a home birth, said the source.

“She was horrified and pointed out they must not take risks with a baby who one day will be second in line to the throne,” the source added.

“It was a shock to Kate that the Queen was so concerned. Her message left Kate in no doubt that this wasn’t so much a request, but an order!”

William tried to persuade his grandmother that Kate’s medical team was confident a home birth would not present any danger.

But the 88-year-old royal – who gave birth three times at Buckingham Palace and was herself born at her grandfather’s home – “could not be swayed,” said the source.

The little princess will now come into the world in the Lindo Wing of London’s St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, under the care of surgeon and gynecologist Dr. Alan Farthing. After that, Kate will take charge.

“She’ll look after the baby herself without the aid of maternity nurses or nannies for at least six months,” revealed the insider.

“She and William have vowed that the baby will be raised by Mom and Pop – just like any regular couple.”