Exclusive: Obama’s War On Hollywood!


Never mind PUTIN as paranoid Prez sets out to destroy conservative celebs! Plus: PAT BOONE fights back!

AS Russian troops invaded the Ukraine and Russkie tough guy Vladimir Pu­tin made Barack Obama look like a fool, our president declared war on Hollywood instead.

A paranoid and vengeful Obama has become obsessed with conserva­tive celebrities he considers enemies – and is siccing the tax man on them!

This comes at a time when Putin has thumbed his nose at Obama’s demands to leave the Ukraine region, showing he has no respect for the U.S. or Obama’s threats.

“Obama is worried about attacking celebrities as Russia storms into the Ukraine just like Hitler invad­ed Poland. It’s a joke,” said Roger Stone, a former top aide to Richard Nixon. “And it’s due to his incompe­tence that the U.S. has lost its power while Obama is pushing us closer and closer into a possible World War III. Obama is worse than Nixon and weaker than Jimmy Carter.”

A bombshell ENQUIRER news probe has uncov­ered the shocking details about the president’s secret hit list of Republican stars who dare to question his administration’s policies.

At the top of the list are Kelsey Grammer, Pat Boone, Gary Sinise and Jon Voight, but sources revealed there may be hundreds of Hollywood per­sonalities caught in the Obama administration’s crosshairs.

An irate Pat Boone spoke about the situation ex­clusively with The ENQUIRER.

“We’re obviously being targeted,” said the 79-year-old singer, actor and writer. “This is still America, where people can still meet in their homes and talk freely. But conservatives like myself are being sin­gled out by the Obama administration.

“Obama is the boss and they are doing things under his aegis. The administration is trying to in­timidate people and ridicule anyone who does not agree with them.”

Boone and his three cohorts are reportedly mem­bers of a 1,500-member organization called Friends of Abe – named after America’s first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln – which is being singled out for scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Ser­vice, The ENQUIRER has learned.

“Hollywood stars who have dared to criticize Barack are on his enemies list and the IRS is inves­tigating them,” a White House insider divulged. “Boone, Grammer, Sinise and Voight are at the top, but the president wants to know which other Hollywood stars are involved.

“Barack doesn’t have to say a word to IRS officials. When he complains long and loud about certain celebrities who have made him furious by opposing him, they know what to do.

“In private, Barack admits he’s had it with these stars and the groups they’re heading. He’s demanding that his government agencies get to work and make them feel his anger.”

In addition to his association with the FOA, former “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer has drawn special wrath from the White House ever since he invested in and promoted the Right Network in 2010. Calling it a “pro-business, pro-America” TV network, Grammer explained it was dedicated to espousing conservative principals. The network folded in less than a year due to lack of funding.

Hollywood screenwriter Lionel Chetwynd, a founding member of FOA, confirmed to The ENQUIRER that the IRS had requested the names of the group’s members.

“Asking people to name names in Holly­wood is very serious,” said Chetwynd, whose work includes the Tom Selleck flick “Ike: Countdown to D-Day.” “It echoes a dark time in Hollywood, similar to what Joe McCarthy did with Commu­nists in Hollywood and his blacklist.”

FOA keeps its members’ names private. Al­though they are not linked to FOA, published reports say other A-list Hollywood Republicans who potentially could be under the watchful eye of the White House include: Vince Vaughn, Drew Carey, Patricia Heaton, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Jessica Simpson, Connie Stevens, Melissa Joan Hart and Canadian-born “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek, who became a U.S. citizen in 1998.

Clint Eastwood ruffled feathers with his now infamous “invisible man in the chair” speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

 Jessica Simpson and her family, who hail from Texas, were big supporters of George W. Bush. And Melissa Joan Hart, star of “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” pub­licly endorsed Mitt Romney on Twitter before the 2012 election.

Despite being a minority in a town known for its far-left liberal leanings, “Wedding Crashers” star Vince Vaughn isn’t afraid to speak out about his con­servative views.

“I think that when you get older, you just get less trust in the government running anything,” Vaughn said.

In fact, Obama has faced harsh new criticism in re­cent weeks for the way he’s handling the mounting crisis in the Ukraine. Republicans blasted the presi­dent in early March after the Russian parliament rubber-stamped Vladimir Putin’s decision to use force to protect his nation’s interests in the region. – in a direct rebuke of Obama. Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan (R), who serves as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Putin was “running circles around” the U.S. in his maneuver­ing on the global stage.

“I think Putin is playing chess, and I think we’re playing marbles,” he said. “It’s not even close.”

As for Obama’s paranoia about the FOA, the group’s executive director Jeremy Boreing, says the organization isn’t a political one and insists they’re not looking for trouble.

“We don’t raise money for candidates. We don’t even pay speakers’ fees,” he said. “We’re just a wa­tering hole for conservatives in a town not especially known for its embrace of conservative views.”

Boone says The FOA has applied for nonprofit status, which would exempt them from paying taxes, but claims the application has been “stonewalled and delayed” at every turn.

“We simply want to speak out, to speak our minds, without being intimidated,” he added. “The govern­ment shouldn’t be interfering in our business.

“The First Amendment grants freedom of speech to everyone – and that includes us.”

Liberal Hollywood helped elect Obama, an insider noted, saying: “The President invites his Hollywood cronies to the White House and makes life hard for any celebrity who isn’t part of his program, like a petty dictator.”