Get the bankbook’s  ready – KIM KARDASHIAN is gearing up for a $5 million wedding of the century!

The just-engaged reality TV starlet is telling pals that she’s modeling her impending nup­s to basketballer Kris Humphries after Prince William’s royal wedding – and she’s sparing NO expense.

Kim, 30, announced her en­gagement to Kris, 26, on May 25 after he popped the question with an outrageous 20 1/2 carat $2 million diamond engagement ring.

“But the ring is just the tip of the iceberg,” declared a source close to the New Jersey Nets forward, who stands 6-foot-9 to Kim’s 5-foot-3.

“Kim is saying that for her big day, money is no object. Her wedding is going to be fit for a queen and king.”

The couple plans to have three separate ceremonies in late summer in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, where Kris maintains a home – and they’ll fly their 300 guests to each loca­tion on private planes, said the source.

“The transportation alone will cost over $1 million, and Kim is budgeting another $1 million for food, plus $500,000 for wine, liquor and cham­pagne imported from Italy and France,” the source divulged.

“She plans to spend $250,000 on entertainment, another $250,000 for various wedding cakes adorned with 14-karat gold and $1 million for the wedding planner, floral arrange­ments and decorations.

“Kim is also talking to several top couture designers about her wedding gown. With a $1 mil­lion budget for her gown and her bridesmaids’ dresses, the to­tal tab will easily hit $5 million.”

She swooned over Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, saying: “I’ve always dreamed of a big wedding. I’ll probably do something really over the top.”

 “Kim’s mom didn’t blink an eye at the wedding budget, part­ly because she’s wheeling and dealing to sell exclusive wed­ding pictures for several million bucks,” said an insider.

“It’s going to be the party to end ALL parties – and the Kardashians will easily earn back whatever they spend.”