In AN astonishing breach of trust, a Secret Service agent tried to sell graphic autopsy photos of assassinated President John Kennedy, The National ENQUIRER has learned. 

The agent, Jim Fox, was having dire financial woes when he used a self-proclaimed JFK expert, Mark Crouch, to broker the black-and-white photos on his behalf while keeping his identity secret, an audiotape has revealed. Fox, who died in 1987, was a photographer with the U.S. Secret Service when he was given the autopsy film negatives by JFK’s physician and told to develop them. Crouch – who worked as an adviser on the film “JFK” – received the photos from Fox in 1981 on the very day President Ronald Reagan was shot.

“They are quite gross and definitely of Kennedy. There’s a bullet in his head,” according to the audio recording of a reporter who was approached about buying the photos. The recording indicated that the pictures raised questions in the newsman’s mind – deepening the mysteries surrounding the murder. The wound in the back of JFK’s head was the size of an egg, according to accounts. But after seeing the pictures, the reporter noted, “It’s more like the size of four eggs. Plus, there is an incision over the eye that raises questions.”

Kennedy’s autopsy was performed on Nov. 22–23, 1963, after he was killed as he rode in a Dallas motorcade. The official photos have never been published and remain under seal at the National Archives.

In a 1991 news article, Crouch claimed that when Fox gave him the photos, he was made to promise “not to make them public until after Fox’s death,” but the tape refutes this and makes it clear Fox became desperate for cash after investing in a business that went belly up.