A photo could blow Jay Z’s paternity scandal wide open – and fuel the billion-dollar divorce drama brewing between the rap mogul and his superstar wife, Beyoncé.

The long-buried image, provided to The National ENQUIRER, shows Jay Z with the mother of his alleged love child, according to the website “Diary of a Hollywood Street King.”

As we first reported in a blockbuster exclusive that reverberated around the world, Jay Z is desperate to avoid a DNA test that could prove he’s the father of 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite!

The rapper’s glamorous wife is also against him taking a DNA test, pals said, after Beyoncé saw the never-before-published picture of her smiling hubby embracing Rymir’s mom!

“Beyoncé knows Jay Z’s history as a player, and she’s not ready to deal with the drama,” said a source. “As far as she’s concerned, it’s just [their] daughter Blue Ivy and them.”

An insider who’s worked with Jay Z for over 20 years confided: “Women have been throwing themselves at this dude for a long time. Let’s say he takes a paternity test, and it shows he’s Rymir’s dad.

“Now you’ve opened up a can of worms, and other groupies are going to come forward.”

In explosive legal documents uncovered by The ENQUIRER, Rymir told a New Jersey court that his mom, Wanda Satterthwaite, had steamy sex sessions with Jay Z in the early 1990s.

A civil suit filed by Rymir’s legal guardian, Lillie Coley, in Dec. 2014 accused 45-year-old Jay Z of avoiding a DNA test by lying to the court about his legal residence.

As the legal maneuvers play out, Lillie said in an exclusive interview: “The truth is going to come out that Jay is his dad. We know what the truth is!”

A relative added: “Wanda’s not going to get millions from Jay Z now. She might be able to get some back support from maybe two or three years [worth], but that’s it. She just wants Rymir to benefit.”

It seems “Crazy In Love” diva Beyoncé has good reason to get crazy over this baby mama drama, too.

At The ENQUIRER’s request, plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn compared photos of Jay Z and Rymir and said: “Their facial structures appear very similar. It could be genetics!”