ISIS  American Youth

The bloodthirsty terrorists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] are waging violent jihad across the Middle East – and tricking American youth into joining their warped cause!

“The recruitment of our young people is a growing threat,” said forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner in an exclusive interview with The National ENQUIRER.

“Radical Muslims have become adept at reaching our young people in the most modern methods possible, and through the most trendy social media – in English, and with the music and language of their generation.”

Dr. Welner has exposed how gullible would-be “revolutionaries” are being lured in from the United States with slick videos peddled through social media. 

 “They pull in idealistic Americans who are at the point in their lives where they are open to adventure, and want a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves,” he added.

A recent report by the Office of National Intelligence estimated that 180 Americans – in their teens or early 20s – have traveled or tried to travel to radical outposts in the Middle East.

These people end up in anti-American terror camps, with their passports and communication devices taken away as they learn they’ll be trained to fight for radical Muslim beliefs – including plotting the destruction of the USA and Israel.

Dr. Welner explained that the process doesn’t happen overnight: “There’s a period of grooming where the recruiter befriends the target, and over weeks or months the messages sent back and forth create an attachment to a stranger and a cause.”

Dr. Welner warned that there’s no special honor to being selected, though. “The recruits are viewed as expendable cannon fodder – and, because they’re American, as props for further recruitment,” he told The ENQUIRER.

“These kids are taught that death is a prelude to the pleasures of Paradise – which, for males, includes a reward of female virgins. Male suicide bombers have been known to not put the explosives near their genital area, thinking they’ll still have their equipment in the afterlife.”