THE embittered ex-wife of FAMILY FEUD host STEVE HARVEY is on a crusade to put him in jail – but Harvey is fighting back and wants a judge to toss her behind bars!

In a blockbuster ENQUIRER interview, Mary Harvey claims her famous ex – who gives relationship advice to millions of women on his radio and TV shows – is a serial cheater, child abuser and bigamist who conned her out of her fair share of his $100 million fortune.

But Harvey insists Mary’s ugly charges are nothing but a plot to extort money from him, and he’s asking a judge to fine her $28,000 and lock her up for 28 years!

Now an enraged Mary wants the popular entertainer charged with a string of serious crimes.

“Steve Harvey owes me $50 million, and I want him arrested for violating my civil rights!” 53-year-old Mary fumed to The ENQUIRER.

“I want him charged with a constitutional rights violation, falsi­fying documents, perjury, contempt of court, embezzlement, extortion and collusion.

“For what he’s done to me, I want to see Steve Harvey behind bars!”

Harvey, 56, tied the knot with Mary, his second wife, in 1996. At the time, he was starring in the WB sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show,” which aired until 2002.

The couple’s son Wynton was born in 1997. They divorced in November 2005, citing “irreconcilable differ­ences,” but Mary claims Harvey was a serial womanizer whose adultery drove her to a mental breakdown.

Mary also insists Harvey – host of TV’s syndicated “Steve Harvey” talk show and a weekday radio show – cheated on her with his current wife Marjorie. He wed Marjorie in June 2007, and Mary claims that makes Harvey a bigamist! “The judge said our divorce would be contingent upon the division of commu­nity assets, but that never happened,” she explained.

According to Mary, that means their divorce is not final, “and Steve is married to both me and his new wife.”

Mary has also ac­cused her ex of child abuse, claiming that Harvey brutally beat their son Wynton with a belt. Six days after the alleged beating, Wynton arrived at her home for a visit, and she took him to the Medical Center of Plano for treatment, Mary says.

According to a Plano police report from October 2008: “Wynton stated that his father…whipped him with a belt and also a paddle board.” The investigating officer reported seeing bruises on Wynton’s right thigh and right buttocks, and a cut on his right thigh.

While the report classified the case as “child abuse/neglect,” Mary claims no legal action was taken against Harvey.

Mary also claims that in April 2009, Harvey and his attorney pres­sured her to sign a lengthy “apology letter” that they’d written.

When she refused, Mary says Harvey retaliated in November 2011 by having her tossed in jail in her Texas hometown and then dragging her into court to get a gag order to silence her about the child abuse charge.

Desperate to air her grievances, Mary blasted Harvey in a YouTube video posted in early 2011. In it, she claimed that Harvey had turned their son against her, evicted her from their home and cut off her access to cash and cars.

Soon after, Harvey filed for an injunction in a Texas court asking that the YouTube video be removed.

The video was not taken down, but the court backed Harvey in other mat­ters. It found that he had not evicted Mary. In fact, she’d been awarded three homes in their divorce and Harvey paid her $40,000 per month until March 2009, when he gave her a $1.5 million final settlement.

But Mary claims that Har­vey had coughed up her fat $40,000 check for only 10 months. The judge also stated that Harvey’s wife Marjorie was not “a cause of the marital breakup.”

Despite that, Mary still insists she was ripped off and Harvey cheated on her.

She’s now receiving support in her anti-Harvey campaign from Essie Berry, an Atlanta-based civil rights activist and widow of actor Fred “Rerun” Berry of the ’70s sitcom “What’s Happening.”

Now Harvey is blasting back.

In a lawsuit filed Dec. 11 in the 199th Judicial District Court in Collin County, Texas, he claims Mary has launched a “smear campaign to the media to tarnish my name and image” and violated gag orders imposed by the court in 2008, 2011 and 2013.

He asked the court to hit her with a $500 fine and six-month jail sentence on each of 56 counts that he says violate the gag orders.

The suit also  accuses Mary and her supporter Essie Berry of “a concerted plot to illegally extort money” from Harvey “by releasing false, malicious, misleading, dispar­aging, threatening and harassing information on the Internet.”

Harvey also charges Mary and Berry with “scheming to defame, defraud, cyberbully and extort” money from him by damaging his “public image, good name, and likeness” in a bid to “interfere with his contracts and endorsements.”

Harvey has been granted a temporary restraining order against Mary and Berry, barring them from discussing the court case or releas­ing court documents or Internet videos related to it.

And on Dec. 19, Mary’s relatives confirmed to The ENQUIRER that a judge tossed her behind bars for 30 days for contempt of court.

“Steve’s fans haven’t had a clue about the pressure he’s been under. Despite all of the drama with Mary, he hasn’t missed a beat as far as his work commitments go,” said a close pal. “He manages to tune it all out and take care of busi­ness. He’s a real pro – a great showman.”