IN a blockbuster ENQUIRER exclusive, the elderly father of country music legend RANDY TRAVIS reveals the singer is ruled by his women and has aban­doned his ailing, poverty-stricken dad.

Travis has not spoken with his heartbroken 79-year-old father Har­old Traywick in more than a year – and cut off his financial support af­ter the old man blasted his girlfriend Mary Beougher, calling her a back-stabber and schemer who “wants to get her hands on Randy’s money.”

Now the destitute senior is strik­ing back through The ENQUIRER, speaking openly for the first time about his hard-drinking, womaniz­ing son.

Harold charges that the country icon had secret girlfriends while married, reveals the terrifying near-death escapades of Randy’s wild youth and discloses the startling truth behind gay rumors that have plagued the singer.

“Randy has always let his women run his life – and they want to keep him away from his family so they can get their hands on his money,” blasted Harold, who lives in Marsh­ville, N.C.

TRAVIS, 53 – who was born Randy Traywick – hooked up with his now ex-wife, Lib Hatcher, when he was 18 and she was 36, shattering her marriage and taking her on as his manager.

Their 18-year union fell apart in 2010 when Lib hid a camera on Randy’s tour bus and caught him cheating with Mary, who also was married – to Randy and Lib’s dentist!

Harold claims that the affair be­tween Mary and Randy had actually been going on for many years, while Mary pretended to be a friend of Lib’s.

“She stabbed Lib in the back be­cause she was determined to get rid of her and get her hands on Randy’s money,” he told The ENQUIRER.

Incredibly, Randy was also two-timing Lib with another secret girlfriend, charges Harold.

“He used to leave a club that Lib owned, where he got his start, and go to a nearby motel to have sex with this girl,” Harold revealed. “That went on for three or four years until the girl moved away.”

Randy’s relationship with his father fell apart completely after Harold decided Mary was respon­sible for the singer’s recent, highly publicized drinking problems – and he let them both know what he thought of her.

 “Randy didn’t take a drink for 20 years when he was with Lib, but now that he’s with Mary, he’s drink­ing again,” said Harold. “I’m scared for him – he gets crazy on alcohol.”

The big blowup came after the two had been boozing at a Super Bowl party and Randy wound up getting picked up by the police.

“I left a message for Randy, say­ing, ‘Son, don’t marry that woman – she’s wrecking your life!’” Harold recalled.

“Mary exploded, and Randy cut off the money he’d been send­ing me. It couldn’t happen at a worse time.

“I’m dead broke and about to lose the house I lived in for 72 years.”

 Despite it all, aging, diabetic Harold desperately wants to make amends with his son.

“I would like to have a relation­ship with him before I pass on,” he said. “But Randy’s not interested. It’s heartbreaking.”

But a rep for Randy denied Harold’s claims, saying: “This is sadly another step in the process of Randy Travis being abused by his father. Randy has generously supported his dad with money and gifts well in excess of $1 million. Yet, no matter how much he has done, it hasn’t been enough.”

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