Mitt Romney

Presidential candi­date MITT ROMNEY has been rocked by a shock­ing “cheating” scandal involving his beloved wife ANN.

In an election year marked by horrendous mud-slinging, a just-published book dropped a bombshell directly on the Repub­lican front-runner and his wife of 42 years.

After agreeing to marry Mitt, Ann, 62, two-timed him while in college – dating Brigham Young University basketball star Kim Cameron, according to the book, “The Real Romney.”

Mitt, 64, had known Ann since they were in grade school, and during their high school prom, Mitt proposed and she ac­cepted. But then Mitt went to France as a Mormon missionary to fulfill his church duties, and Ann plunged into a new romance with Cam­eron. When Mitt got the news, he was devastated, according to the book’s au­thors Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, both “Boston Globe” report­ers.

In a sensational new development, The ENQUIRER tracked down Cameron, and he revealed that Ann – the girl he hoped to marry – never told him she had previously promised to spend her life with Mitt.

“When I started dating Ann, she never mentioned anything about a pact with Mitt that they were going to get married,” Cam­eron told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview from Ann Arbor, Mich.

“If Mitt had not come back to college, Ann and Imay well have married. But when he returned, I knew that she would end up with him.”

Ann’s two-timing puts her “in the middle of a ‘cheating’ scandal,” a top political source told The ENQUIRER. “While this happened long ago, it still be­comes an issue for a candidate running for the White House.  Because Mitt has made an issue of the solidness of his marriage, any informa­tion that shows Ann ‘cheated’ could be used by his political enemies.”

Ann’s old college roommate Cindy Davies, who later be­came her sister-in-law, says in the book that she believed Ann was going to marry Cameron. And in the fall of 1968, Ann wrote to Mitt in France to tell him she had been dating Cameron. “Mitt became really, really distraught,” fellow missionary Dane Mc­Bride told the “Real Romney” authors.

Mitt began sending a stream of love letters to Ann, and Dane said: “It was the only time I’ve ever seen him where he couldn’t focus on anything else. He was just kind of worthless.”

The political source added that Mitt “was destroyed emotionally when Ann fell in love with another man – after all, Mitt fell in love with her when she was a 16-year-old girl.”

With steely determination, Mitt kept writing Ann from France, and his love letters finally convinced her to come back to him. She was waiting with his family at the airport when he returned to Amer­ica. They married on March 21, 1969, and raised five sons together.

Meanwhile, Cameron went on to be­come a management professor, marry another BYU student and have seven children with her.

He told The ENQUIRER: “I’m a very lucky man.”