The ENQUIRER exclusively speaks to the spurned wife at the center of CBS reporter Lara Logan sex scandal.

Kimberly Burkett blasted reports from CBS sources that  Logan, the 60 Minutes star, didn’t steal her husband because their marriage was already over.

Burkett’s also furious that Lara nabbed a promotion as the cheating scandal was exposed in last week’s ENQUIRER.

"I think Lara Logan deserves to be canned!" Kimberly told The ENQUIRER.   "To reward her with a promotion is a slap in the face to everyone who believes in marriage."

As The ENQUIRER exclusively revealed last week, CBS’ Lara Logan, has been named as the "other woman’ in 32 year old Kimberly bitter divorce from hubby 36-year-old Joe Burkett.  Kimberly and Joe have a daughter 3-year-old Ashley.

After our exclusive story broke last week, CBS News then promoted Lara to the coveted job of "Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent," based in Washington, D.C.

Now Kimberly’s ripping the lid off about how Lara, who’s already married to a pro basketball player, wrecked her marriage and drove her to attempted suicide!
"Our marriage was wonderful until Joe went to Baghdad," Kimberly tearfully recalled.  "He came home in January, everything was okay.

"The next morning, Joe told me "I’ve met someone.  Her name is Lara Logan’."

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