With “Airwolf” star Jan-Michael Vincent struggling to cope with losing a leg, actor Dan Haggerty told The National ENQUIRER that he’s heartbroken over his pal’s tragedy.

In an exclusive blockbuster ENQUIRER interview, Jan-Michael recently revealed that most of his right leg was amputated two years ago due to complications from peripheral artery disease.

Now Dan, who starred as the frontier woodsman in NBC’s “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” in the late ’70s, revealed that he repeatedly tried to help his booze-addled buddy conquer his demons.

“My poor boy,” Haggerty said, referring to Vincent.

“I put Jan in three different rehab centers and it was the most heart-sickening thing,” he told The ENQUIRER.

“He would get out and say, ‘Dan, I’m having a hard time. It’s not so much drugs. It’s alcohol. It changes me and I can’t stay away from it.’

“The man just wanted to destroy himself. He didn’t care that he was a great looking man or came from a good family or had a good heart.”

Vincent, 69, now lives with his third wife in Vicksburg, Miss.

And Haggerty, 72, recalls that before Vincent self-destructed: “We both lived in Malibu, played guitars and sang songs. We had girls hanging all over us. Life was good before Jan went downhill.”

Vincent once borrowed his Ferrari and led police on a high-speed chase along the Pacific Coast Highway, Haggerty recalled.

“He returns it and says, ‘Geez, that’s a great car, really hauls a–,’” Haggerty told The ENQUIRER.

“I took it to the market an hour later and was swarmed by cops. I had to tell them I wasn’t driving the car earlier.”

Haggerty said he lost touch with his pal some 15 years ago, but said he’s praying Vincent will live to see his 70th birthday.

“God willing,” added Haggerty.