Missing Maryland tourist ROBYN GARDNER is ALIVE but being forced to work as a prostitute in a South American brothel!

That’s the nightmare Richard Forester, Gardner’s devastated boyfriend, has had to live with every day since the blonde beauty vanished on Aug. 2. He believes she was lured to Aruba and sold into white slavery by Gary Giordano, the man being held in an Aruban prison and under investigation for Robyn’s disappearance.

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, Aruban cops have been following a lead that Robyn was buried alive by Giordano, but Forester believes she is still alive.

“Police are barking up the wrong tree by search­ing all over the island for Robyn’s body,” Forester, a 41-year- old financial exec­utive recruiter from Mary­land, told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview. “I be­lieve she was drugged and sold into a prostitution ring by Gary Giordano, and hasn’t been on the island since Aug. 2.”

Gardner, 35, an unemployed dental assistant, went missing while vacationing with Giordano, 50. He claimed the pair went snor­keling and she never returned. But Aruban cops did not believe his story, especially after he tried to cash in on a $1.5 million life in­surance policy he’d taken out on Robyn. He’s in jail until the end of November while police continue their investigation.

“Robyn and I were living to­gether and discussing marriage,” Forester, who’d been dating her for more than two years before she disappeared, said. “We had looked at rings. I ask myself every day why she went to Aruba with Giordano. I honestly do not know. But I want her home because I love her.”

Forester suspects that Giordano drugged Robyn on the fateful day.

“He was pouring them drinks in the car – it was a perfect chance for him to drug her,” Forester explained. “He told people at the restaurant she had taken a sleeping pill – she might do that at night, but not in the middle of the day. And she would not have gone snorkeling. She never snor­keled.”

Forester added that the fiend may have had an accomplice con­nected to the white slavery racket.

The ENQUIRER discovered that Giordano and Robyn were seen in the company of a non-native, muscular, curly-haired man who was about 40 with a large tattoo of a heart over a cross on his left arm and another unspecified tattoo on his left hand. Meantime, police reportedly have been probing the possibility of an accomplice.

Forester figures that with just two hours between the time when Robyn was last seen and Giordano reported her missing, and his lack of knowledge of the local geogra­phy, he wouldn’t have been able to find a place to hide her body well enough to confound police searches, which have included the military and cadaver dogs.

With an accomplice, especially one with access to a boat, a drugged Robyn could have been quickly sold and spirited away by sea. In fact, Venezuela is just 15 miles away.

“She could be anywhere in the world by now,” said a distraught Forester. “I believe she is being held captive in a whorehouse."