Exclusive Interview! Clinton Paternity Bombshell Explodes!


The identity of CHELSEA CLINTON’s “real” father was best unkept secret in Arkansas, family insider tells The ENQUIRER.

The bombshell that Chelsea Clinton is not the biological daughter of former President Bill Clinton was widely regarded as gospel truth in Clinton’s home state of Arkansas!

That’s the claim of a man who’s the former brother-in-law of Chelsea’s alleged daddy – her mother Hillary’s longtime law partner, Webster Hubbell!

As The ENQUIRER recently revealed, former Clinton aide Larry Nichols said that during a conversation in 1984, then-Arkansas Governor Bill admitted to him that Hubbell had sired Chelsea. According to Nichols, Bill said he was sterile after a childhood bout of measles.

“His (Bill’s) exact words were, ‘I shoot blanks,’ ” Nichols told The ENQUIRER. “Stunned by what I’d just heard, I asked him, ‘Then what about Chelsea?’ And he said, ‘Oh, Webb sired her.’”

Hillary and Hubbell, both 66, met while taking the Arkansas bar exam in 1973. They were colleagues at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, and he was later elected the city’s mayor.

Now, in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, New Orleans businessman Finis Shelnutt reveals that Hillary’s alleged affair with Hubbell was well known in Little Rock’s top political circles.

“That was rumored in Arkansas for years and totally public. A lot of people suspected that,” said Shelnutt, who is not only Hubbell’s former brother-in-law, but also the ex-husband of infamous Clinton paramour Gennifer Flowers.

Chelsea – who’s expecting her first child with investment banker hubby Marc Mezvinsky – was born Feb. 27, 1980. As she grew up, her resemblance to Hubbell became more apparent, said Shelnutt. “Chelsea kind of looked like Webb at that time,” Shelnutt told The ENQUIRER. “That is what a lot of people talked about. “Of course Webb never discussed it with the family. It was just never brought up.”

While then-Governor Clinton appointed Hubbell Chief Justice of the Arkansas State Supreme Court in 1984, cheating rumors increased as he and Hillary grew apart during their Little Rock years, he said.

“I never saw Bill and Hillary together for 12 years. But I did see them separately,” Shelnutt recalled. “It (Bill’s relationship with Hubbell) was a business arrangement for years. You could tell.”