BEYONCE and Jay-Z’s plan to cash in on their baby girl’s unusual name has hit a sour note – because someone already has a trademark on it!

The “Bootylicious” singer and her singer/music-producer hubby, who welcomed daughter Blue Ivy in January, intended to launch a line of baby-related items named for their daughter.

BUT the Blue Ivy name has belonged to Boston-based wedding planner Veronica Alexandra since 2009.

Beyonce and Jay-Z challenged Veronica’s right to the trademark in court, but a judge ruled in the wedding planner’s favor.

In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Veronica explained: “The minute I found out they named their daughter Blue Ivy, I called their team to let them know my company exists.


“Just because they are celebri­ties doesn’t give them entitlement to the name. If they’d won, every­ thing I’ve worked for would have backfired.”

As it is, the 32-year-old Harvard grad says she’s already suffered a significant loss in business. “I had multiple projects in the works, and because of their filing the trademark application I have been unable to continue my busi­ness in other parts of the world,” she explained.

Meanwhile, a source close to the celebrity couple said they’re extremely unhappy with the court’s decision.“Jay-Z and Beyonce are worth well over a billion dollars, and they just assumed they could lay claim to their daughter’s name without a hitch,” said the source.

“When they realized someone beat them to the punch, it sud­denly became a case of big, wealthy stars trying to shut down the small business person. As of now, they can’t use the name to launch their new business ven­ture, and they’re seething.”

Veronica says she “highly re­spects” the Grammy-winning couple, and she’s willing to part with the Blue Ivy name under the right circumstances. 

“I’d be more than happy to sell it to them,” she said. “All they have to do is make me an offer I can’t refuse!”