Behind closed doors – ALL the drama in a no-holds-barred explosive ENQUIRER interview!

Angelina Jolie banned her father Jon Voight from her small, intimate family wedding in France – and now The National ENQUIRER has discovered the shocking reasons why he was not invited.

In an incredibly candid, exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Angelina’s former caretaker Cis Rundle says the acclaimed actress and humanitarian had a deep distrust of her father.

“Jon would have found a way for the wedding to be about him,” Cis, 66, 
declared. “I think she just knows who he is and she doesn’t trust him.”

In her no-holds-barred interview, the caretaker also claims the 75-year-old actor is a “heartless,” deadbeat dad with a mile-wide “mean streak” and a bizarre love life.

Cis came into Angie’s life in the late 1970s when she helped her best friend, the star’s mom, Marcheline Bertrand, care for the three-year-old.

Angelina grew up with a largely absent father, and the now 39-year-old beauty knew all too well what it was like to have him suddenly pop up and try to outshine her, adds the caretaker. But Cis says she believes the steel-willed star was determined it wasn’t going to happen on her wedding day when her mom was lovingly remembered with a dedication engraved on a stone in the chapel where she exchanged vows with Brad Pitt.

Recalling Voight’s attention-getting antics, Cis claims: “One time he showed up at one of Angelina’s premieres uninvited and made a big stink about it.”

And in 2002, the veteran actor went on “Access Hollywood” and outrageously declared that his estranged daughter suffered from “serious mental problems.” He claimed he began to notice it after he split from Marcheline while Angie was still an infant.

Angelina denounced that interview as “horrible,” and her mom, who died of ovarian cancer in 2007 at age 56, said she was “shocked” and added that there was nothing wrong with her daughter’s mental health. If anyone had a serious problem, it was Voight, claims Cis.

“Marcheline told me Jon didn’t paid child support,” she said. “I think he was a deadbeat dad, but Marcheline wouldn’t go after him legally.

“And I never got paid on time. I was a single parent raising my son, and it was sometimes a struggle to get lunch money for him.”

During her eight years working for the family, Cis, who’s also an actress, came to know Voight – and what she claims is his “dark side” – very well.

“He didn’t want a lot. He was too cheap,” she told The ENQUIRER. “If we went out to eat, he’d come home with the milk they didn’t drink. It was borderline embarrassing.

“I know the actual hardcore truth about Jon,” claims the former caretaker – citing a horrible incident where he set her up with a man who she says treated her very badly.

“It was vicious and cruel,’’ she said. “I said the next day, ‘Jon, how could you do that to me?’ He told me if it was so bad, I should use it in my acting.’”

Somehow Angelina’s mom managed to successfully raise her and her older brother, actor James Haven.

“She was very careful with her money and managed to keep it all going,” said Cis. “And when Angie started getting work, she helped her a lot.”

Meanwhile, Voight seemed to live his own “secret life,” which “had a very twisted side, (including) a lesbian friend,” claimed Cis.

Fortunately, Angelina did have a surprising father figure in her youth.

“Her mother had a relationship with Al Pacino,” Cis calaims. “Angie and James moved to New York near where Al lived.”

Only, according to Cis, Voight made sure they never became a happy family. “Jon went out of his way to ruin that relationship.”