T AYLOR Swift’s high school bestie – who helped inspire the first of the singer’s catchy revenge songs – told The National ENQUIRER she stole Taylor’s teen sweetheart – and married him!

Chelsea Alford, now 24, said she was 14 when she and Taylor went toe-to-toe in front of their lockers over her hunky husband Jordan, who is now a firefighter in Nashville.

“We exchanged words,” Chelsea recalled of the altercation. “We were 14, and being girly and snarky.”

The two attended Hendersonville High School near Nashville, Tenn.

“We were good friends in school,” said Chelsea. “Later … not so much.”

Their friendship instantly turned icy when Jordan – then known as Paul – dumped the future chart-topper for her, said Chelsea.

“Once you date an ex-boyfriend, you’re not friends anymore!” she added.

Taylor responded by turning the teen betrayal into art, penning the song, “Picture to Burn,” about Jordan, labeling him a narcissist to her millions of fans.

The lyrics include the lines: “State the obvious, I didn’t get my perfect fantasy / I realize that you love yourself more than you could ever love me / So go tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy / That’s fine …”

Chelsea and Jordan learned that the song, released in 2008, was about him from one of the singer’s BFFs.

“I was shocked!” Chelsea said. “Then it was like, but what other ones are about us?”

Chelsea said time has healed all wounds.

“It was so long ago, who even cares? Jordan was like, ‘She makes me look like a redneck!’ But other than that, we just thought it was 

The two rivals even met for coffee recently.

“She was really cool,” Chelsea said. “We hadn’t talked in years, but she met us at a Starbucks and let my little sister sing to her and gave her autographs. She was really, really sweet!”

But 10 years ago, few of Chelsea’s classmates predicted Taylor’s stardom.

“Back in school, nobody thought she was actually going to go anywhere!” revealed Chelsea, now a kindergarten teacher in Tennessee. “She wasn’t super popular. She kind of did her own thing.”