HANK BASKETT is telling the world nothing’s changed between him and wife KENDRA Wilkinson – but that couldn’t be further from the truth, The  ENQUIRER has exclusively learned.

Just weeks after we broke the bombshell news that the former NFL pro had been cheating on his pregnant wife with a transsexual, Kendra has been spotted without her wedding ring.

And even though Hank is still holding out hope for a reconciliation, and is continuing to wear his wedding band, he’s already moved out of their marital home in Calabasas, Calif.

“Hank is not living at that house,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“There are paparazzi all over that town. If Hank were there, he would be photographed.”

These days Hank is going to incredible lengths to do damage control.

He was recently caught on camera while chatting on his cell phone in Los Angeles. Hank remarked he was “doing good” and claimed he and Kendra are “just being us still” and that he continues to “talk to her on a daily basis.”

But The ENQUIRER has learned that the seemingly candid moment was actually a well-planned setup, according to the source.

 “The video was staged. Hank was faking being on a phone call.”

But hapless Hank is not the only one trying to control the situation.

His 29-year-old wife has instructed those closest to her not to talk to the press while her marriage meltdown is being recorded for her WE TV show, “Kendra On Top.”