AFTER nearly five years in a Nevada prison, disgraced football great O.J. SIMPSON has found God and is planning to become a TV evangelist, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

“O.J. is very religious now, and he’s been counseling other inmates with Bible studies for months,” his manager Norman Pardo told The ENQUIRER.

“When I talk to him on the phone, all he wants to discuss is religion. He’s obsessed!”

The 66-year-old felon has been in the Lovelock Correctional Center since December 2008 on an armed robbery and kidnapping conviction. But behind bars, pals say Simpson claims he’s cleaned up his act and is focused on launching a worldwide crusade called “Holy Safari.”

“O.J. will tell you that he wants to bring people together, but that’s BS as far as I’m concerned,” said an insider. “There’s a lot of people send­ing bucket-loads of money to these TV preachers, and O.J.’s just looking to rake in millions from poor, unsuspecting Christians.

“It’s a dangerous idea to think of Simpson as a self-styled prophet who can reach people all over the world.”

But O.J. has been spurred on by watching televangelist Frederick Price, whose “Ever Increasing Faith” ministries broadcasts reach more than 15 million followers each week.

“If he can do it, so can I,” a source said O.J. proclaimed.

And he might just get the chance. O.J., who’s not eligible for parole until 2017, has petitioned the court for a new trial. His people now say they’ve gotten word that the judge is going to rule in his favor and let him out on bail.

“O.J. expects to be out by Christ­mas,” revealed a close source.

Meanwhile, Pardo says he’s already negotiating with religious TV networks to carry O.J.’s crusade. They’ve even designed a “Holy Safari” promotional poster, showing Simpson dressed in white with out­stretched arms. In the center of the image is a large shining cross.

To kick-start O.J.’s new life, a company called Saylors Brothers En­tertainment is working with him and Pardo to produce a documentary about Simpson based on taped interviews.

Kenny Saylors, director of the documentary, told The ENQUIRER: “O.J. has rediscovered his faith and we’re interested in working with him. We’ve come to the conclusion that prison has actually set him free.”

Incredibly, O.J. believes he’ll be welcomed into households even though many people still believe he murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

But another source told The ENQUIRER: “People have to remember that this is a man who cold­heartedly slaughtered two human beings and got away with it. The idea of him being any kind of preacher is ridicu­lous. Unfortunately, he could pull it off because he’s got an ego the size of the Brooklyn Bridge and there’s a sucker born every minute.”