Just how anxious is TAYLOR SWIFT to marry CONOR KENNEDY? Anxious enough to spirit her teen lover off to Las Vegas to elope! That’s the latest shocking turn in the young lovebirds’ whirlwind romance, say sources.

“Taylor made up her mind that Conor is the man she wants to marry – and she doesn’t want to wait any longer,” revealed an insider.

Even though Conor – the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – is still in high school, sources say that the country music superstar, 22, wants her 18-year-old beau to settle down with her and become a dad ASAP!

The ENQUIRER has the latest stunning news about the romance that has rocked the Kennedy family since the two hooked up over the summer. Already, Taylor can’t stand to be apart from her boy toy.

She’s sent a private jet to whisk Conor from his home in Massachusetts to her side in Nashville and later flew north to see him near his posh prep school.

“Taylor is absolutely obsessed with the idea of becoming a Kennedy wife,” said the insider.

But she faces some opposition within the ranks of the Kennedy clan.

Find out who’s for her and who’s against her, as well as all the details of Taylor’s devious plan – only in the latest issue of The ENQUIRER!