Three years ago, TV’s beloved Judge Judy Sheindlin suffered a terrifying mini-stroke that doctors warned could be a harbinger of doom if she didn’t change her ways.

Now, America’s favorite jurist is the picture of health, working on the 18th season of her syndicated “Judge Judy” show, a new program called “Hot Bench” and the one-hour TV special “Judge Judy Primetime” – and she has no plans to retire anytime soon.

The 71-year-old spitfire even posted a photo of herself in a white bikini during a family vacation in The Exumas!

It’s a far cry from 2011, when Judy was rushed to the hospital after she suddenly became confused and disoriented while taping her show. She was diagnosed with a transient ischemic stroke (TIA), and docs told her she needed to drastically change her lifestyle.

“The TIA terrified her,” said a source. “She knew she was in danger of suffering a full-blown stroke if she didn’t start taking care of herself.”

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