Exclusive Cover Story: Revealed! Bowe Bergdahl’s Secret Life In Captivity

Bombshell ENQUIRER cover story investigation reveals army “deserter”  BOWE BERGDAHLs’ nightmare world at the hands of his  Taliban “captors".

Intelligence sources tell The ENQUIRER that the 5 for 1 "terror trade” OK’d by the Commander in Chief may have been for naught as startling new revelations are coming to light regarding the 28 year old’s secret life “over there”.

Sources claim Bergdahl had an Afghani “wife” and family, and was so assimilated into the life dictated by his captors that he didn’t want to leave.

 Bergdahl disappeared from his post on June 30, 2009, leaving his ri­fle, night vision goggles and armored vest behind. A massive search was launched, in which some Army troops involved said at least six soldiers were killed. In 2010, the Pentagon claimed Bergdahl had de­serted and went looking for Taliban members to join up with them. Nine members of Bergdahl’s platoon have also accused him of being a deserter.

According to reports, Bergdahl eventually declared himself to be a “mujahid,” or holy warrior, who learned the local Pashto and Dari languages, played soccer and bad­minton with his “captors” and even practiced firing an AK-47 with them.

Despite that, Obama swapped Bergdahl for a “dream team” of top Taliban commanders who may wreak further havoc on Americans both home and abroad.

And now, Obama himself is under fire – not only by his harshest critics but by MICHELLE as well!

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