Celebrity chef PAULA DEEN claims healthy new eating habits helped her shed 30 pounds, but sources say she’s flat-out fibbing about her diet!

“Now that Paula has dropped a few pounds she’s making herself out to be a pillar of health and fitness, but she’s lying about what she’s really putting into her body,” revealed a source close to sassy silver-haired Southerner.

“She’s discovered that she can eat almost anything she wants and shed pounds. The key has been cutting carbohydrates out of her diet almost completely.

“But Paula still eats fatty cheeseburgers and sausages dripping in grease, only now she has them without a bun. And she still prepares her favorite fried foods, but without a batter that would add to the carbs.”

Paula’s new weight-loss plan is similar to the high-protein, low-carbohydrate Atkins diet, which many medical experts say can increase the risk of heart disease and other ailments.

Another problem is that most people can’t keep away from carbohydrates and sugars indefinitely, and when they fall off the wagon their weight explodes, add the experts.

Although Paula, 65, has boasted of dropping from 160 to 130 pounds, the source said, “Don’t think for a second that she has given up her fatty foods. And she’s smoking more than ever. The new slimmer, trimmer Paula might look great, but that doesn’t mean she’s living any healthier!”

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