MONICA LEWINSKY is set to reveal shocking new secrets about her affair with ex-President BILL CLINTON in a bombshell $12 million tell-all, sources say.

Now 39 and still looking for love, the infamous former White House intern desperately wants vengeance on the man who sullied her name, the sources add.

“For years, Monica tried to protect Bill out of a misplaced sense of loyalty,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “But she no longer feels that way, and her memoir is his worst nightmare.”

Monica’s already got several publishers interested in her tell-all tale, which will reveal graphic, never-before known details of her sleazy sex trysts with Clinton.

The so-called “Zippergate” scandal exploded in 1998 when Monica told a grand jury investigating Clinton that she had nine sexual encounters with him in the Oval Office between November 1995 and March 1997.

While Monica revealed some details in her 1999 biography “Monica’s Story,” co-authored with Andrew Morton, she never got into explicit descriptions of her encounters with Clinton. Nor did she reveal her secret pregnancy and abortion.

Now she’s finally set to tell all in her memoir, sources say.

And, as always, you can read about it first in The ENQUIRER!