Broken romances and shattered dreams pushed “The Bachelor” beauty GIA ALLEMAND to end her life, says her devastated best friend.

“All Gia ever wanted was to be loved, to have a husband and children,” Melinda Farina, a New York-based beauty expert, told The ENQUIRER.

“But every time she thought that she was close to her dreams, they eluded her.”

According to Farina, 29-year-old Gia was in the midst of a breakup with NBA player Ryan Anderson, who found her dangling from a noose in her New Orleans, La., apartment on Aug. 12.

Anderson sat by her bedside until life support was turned off three days later.

“Gia gave up everything to move to New Orleans with Ryan,” said Farina.

“She suggested marriage to him, but he wasn’t ready yet. That shattered her. She had no vision of her future.”

The tormented beauty saw relationships end badly with other sports stars and thought “The Bachelor” was her ticket to fame. But she lost the reality show competition and continued a downward spiral of sadness over lost chances and failed love affairs.

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