Cher Dying Tragic Last Days

Legendary singer and actress CHER is fighting for her life – ravaged by a continuing illness and mired in a crippling depression that’s cost her the will to live!

Now her concerned friends are going public, telling The National ENQUIRER that they fear Cher is settling into her tragic last days!

The Oscar-winning “Moonstruck” star – 68 years old and worth a reported $320 million – is suffering from both physical ailments and the stress of a turbulent personal life, including:  Her disastrous “D2K” concert tour, which was plagued by infighting, lawsuits and medical woes that left a “devastated” Cher canceling 29 shows.

 Family feuding after Cher forced her estranged son, Elijah Blue Allman, and his new bride to leave her Malibu home – which she now believes is haunted by her late ex-husband, Sonny Bono;

A shattered ego as Cher’s longtime battle with the Epstein–Barr virus wreaks havoc on her heart and kidneys, while forcing the famously vain diva to accept her advancing age;

Fears over her son Chaz’s yo-yo dieting, as the former little girl known as Chastity tries to launch an acting career as a hot male star; 

An aging mother who Cher is too depressed to visit – even though a source noted that Cher lives “practically right down the road” from her.

“She’s tired at almost 70,” confided a longtime friend. “Tired of fighting battles for everyone, her neighbors and her own family. She’s truly depressed!”

Cher has only made one public appearance since the tour was canceled, and her publicist confessed to The ENQUIRER that doctors had outfitted her with a heart monitor after continuing kidney woes.

A spokesperson for the star denied that Cher has been crippled by depression, and noted Cher was scheduled to make a courageous public appearance in Brazil on April 10.

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