The ENQUIRER’s bombshell revelation of the man that insiders say Cindy‘s been canoodling behind J-Mac‘s back!

We now reveal the true identity of the man in the ENQUIRER photos that sources say show John McCain’s wife, Cindy, lip locking a man.  The sources now reveal the "mystery man" as Dino Castelli, 56, a used car dealer!

Not only that but Cindy prolonged her steamy three-year fling with Dino even while John McCain was running for president, sources told The ENQUIRER.

Cindy’s and Dino had been meeting at Cindy’s Phoenix, Arizona apartment when 72-year-old Sen. John McCain was out of town, sources say.
"Dino and Cindy have been secretly dating for three years," claims a close source. "I don’t think he suspected what Cindy was doing behind his back.

 "But they had to cool the relationship after he became the presumptive Republican nominee this past March 4. Cindy had to travel with John, and there was always Secret Service around."

In addition to using Cindy’s luxury Phoenix apartment for trysts, an insider says Dino journeyed to her getaway waterfront home in Coronado, California, disclosed the close source.

"They used it as their love nest!"

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