CHER is stressed out over a ton of problems, and friends fear she’s in danger of suffering a heart attack!

Between her long-delayed album, son Elijah Blue’s ongoing struggle with heroin addiction, and transgender son Chaz’s battle of the bulge, the 66-year-old showbiz legend is an emotional and physical wreck, sources say.

“Cher is under incredible strain, and her health is suffering because of it,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Everything came to a head a few weeks ago when she was home alone and started feeling pain in her chest that shot down her left arm.”

Well aware that’s a common heart attack symptom, a terrified Cher called Chaz, said the source.

“Cher cried that she thought she was having a heart attack,” the source revealed. “Luckily, Chaz kept his cool. He told his mom to call an ambulance and then lie down and take a few deep breaths.

“But Cher refused to call for help, so Chaz sent a friend over to spend the day with her.”

The pain eventually faded, but Cher did seek medical advice, added the source.

“Cher’s doctors told her it was probably a combination of stress and indigestion that she mistook for chest pain,” said the source.

“But it was a close call. Chaz is begging Cher to scale back her work schedule and rethink her plan to go on tour after her album is released. Chaz, as well as Cher’s friends, worry she’s at high risk for a heart attack.”

The Oscar-winning “Moonstruck” star first began battling serious health woes in the late ’80s when she was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus. She’s also struggled with diverticulitis, a digestive disorder.

Meanwhile, as The ENQUIRER has recently reported, Cher is distraught that Elijah, 36, is boozing again after years of sobriety. Now she’s wracked by fears that the former junkie will go back on heroin.

Chaz’s yo-yo dieting is another huge worry, sources say. While the 44-year-old transgender activist recently shed 50 pounds thanks to mixed martial arts workouts, he once busted the scales at 345 pounds. He’s also suffered from an addiction to painkillers.

“Of course Cher is thrilled that Chaz is on a health kick, but his weight is a constant struggle,” said the source.

“Cher can’t stop worrying about him, and the possibility that Chaz could slip back into drug abuse.”

Adding to her woes, the release of Cher’s latest album – a long-gestating labor of love that features a duet with Lady Gaga – has been delayed from March to September.

“Cher wants to remain edgy and rel­evant, but she should be kicking back and enjoying her twilight years,” said the source. “At her current pace, she’s going to have a massive heart attack and may­be even put herself in an early grave.”