Sources told The ENQUIRER cops believe that little, Caylee Anthony was tortured by her evil mom Casey, who watched her 2-year-old child slowly die just feet away from the toddler’s treasured playhouse and sandbox.

“Caylee’s final minutes were filled with terror,” a source close to the police investigation told The ENQUIRER. June 16, 2008 – the last day of Caylee’s life – was a hot day in Orlando.

Casey and Caylee left their home just before 1 p.m., before grandpa George Anthony went to work. Within an hour or so, after her dad left, po­lice believe that Casey drove back to the house and backed the vehicle into the garage.

“Police are convinced that Casey took Caylee to the backyard and told the child she could go for a swim in the backyard pool,” said the source.

“The day before, Casey’s mom Cindy had gone swimming with Caylee and afterward had removed the above-ground pool’s attachable ladder for safety. Casey put it back on. Caylee loved to swim and was probably excited.”

Police believe Casey told Caylee she was going to go inside the home to get her swimsuit. In­stead, she returned with duct tape, a syringe and a Gatorade bottle filled with a chloroform mix­ture she’d prepared and kept hidden in a Disney bag.

According to testimony at Casey’s ongoing death penalty trial, the murder mom had used her com­puter to research ways to make chloroform at home.

What happened to Caylee next was pure torture.

“Police believe Casey grabbed Caylee and wrapped duct tape around her mouth so she wouldn’t scream,” said the source. “She put her daughter on the ground, sat over her, took out the syringe, filled it with the chloroform mixture and inject­ed it into Caylee.

“As Caylee lost conscious­ness, Casey wrapped more duct tape around her skull to cover her nose so she couldn’t breathe, and watched her little girl die.”

Casey put Caylee in a laun­dry bag, and then stuffed that bag into a garbage bag. She placed her daughter’s lifeless body in her car’s trunk and drove off. For some reason, she didn’t dispose of the body for several days, causing the trunk to fill with the stench of decomposition.

When Casey’s remains were found in an empty lot in December 2008, the Gatorade bottle, syringe and Disney bag were found a few feet from the child’s skull. Her head was wrapped in duct tape.

At the trial, prosecutors said Casey asphyxiated her daughter with the duct tape and introduced evi­dence that shows traces of chloroform in the trunk of Casey’s car. They also revealed that police cadaver dogs detected the smell of a dead body on a spot in the Anthony backyard just feet from Caylee’s playhouse and sand­box – the exact place where the little girl is believed to have died.

All the grim details are in the new ENQUIRER.