Britney Spears at war with her father who controls her every move!

The troubled pop star is so unhappy she’s taking Valium and other anti-anxiety meds to cope with the stress of going on tour. And she’s furious with dada Jamie for forcing her to give up Thanksgiving with her boys so she could perform in Europe.

"Britney did not want to go on tour and fought with her father from the time they flew to Germany on Nov. 24," the insider revealed. "She was so angry that she took Valium just to stay calm.

"She wanted to stay home and spend Thanksgiving with Jayden and Sean. She even complained that she’d hurt her knee and couldn’t perform. But Jamie insisted!"

The battle royale between father and daughter escalated in Offenberg, Germany, where the Toxic singer received a Bambi Award.

"Jamie took Britney’s cell phone and went through all her calls and text messages," the insider divulged. "If she wanted to use the phone she had to ask permission and someone would dial the number for her. The phone in her hotel room was blocked from making overseas calls.

"Britney yelled and screamed at her dad for taking over her life, but Jamie just told her to take a pill and go to sleep. That’s his answer to Britney’s rage."

Since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Britney has been prescribed mood stabilizer Lamotrigine, Xanax and Valium for anxiety, and Ambien to help her sleep, the source revealed.

But she regularly refuses to take her meds, prompting her father – who’s legally in charge of her personal and professional life – to pressure her into taking them.

After her appearance in Germany, a sulky Britney refused to fly to France to promo Circus.

"Britney wanted to go home and see her kids. Her manager Larry Rudolph and her dad tried talking to her but she wouldn’t budge," said the insider.

Desperate, Jamie cut a deal with Britney – promising that her boys and ex-hubby K-Fed could accompany her when the American leg of her tour begins in March.

 "Kevin agreed to the plan, provided that the tour is filmed and that he gets his own tour bus," the insider revealed.

Despite the deal, Britney and her father continued to clash.

"Britney says her father treats her like a prisoner. She feels totally trapped, and constantly cries she wants her life back."

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