Exclusive! Ben Stein Sexting Scandal


Not only has funnyman economist BEN “Bueller…???” STEIN been caught up in a sexting scandal but he called up The ENQUIRER – not once but twice – to deny it!

Married Comedy Centra” star Ben Stein has been caught up in a bizarre sexting drama. The 69-year-old former presidential speechwriter turned actor apparently became fascinated with a woman he met in San Francisco,” revealed a source.

“He’s texted her, emailed her and even sent flowers,” the source revealed. “Ben also wrote her checks for $300 apiece. She thinks he wants her to become his secret girlfriend.” “Whatever Ben wanted from this woman, it’s all blown up.

And it appears he’s now trying to get out in front of the story by doing some damage control.” Stein, who’s also a financial expert, wrote about the woman in his “Diary” column in the June issue of “The American Spectator.”

“She’s a wild mixture of ethnicities and has a figure that is close to unbelievable,” marveled the senior Romeo. “…I am like a teenager. I get mad crushes and they last about ten minutes.” Ben enthusiastically described the apple of his eye:

“She is a divorcee. She has a four-and-a-half-yearold daughter. She wants to be a movie star. She wants me to help with her bills… just today, she sent me a series of photos of herself having root canal surgery and then a screen shot of her bill so far – $2,300.”

Incredibly, the actor revealed that they’d discussed bringing her to Los Angeles to stay in a Beverly Hills hotel. “I said that would be fine and she could meet my wife and we would take her out for a lovely dinner,” he wrote. Stein’s wife Alexandra, an entertainment lawyer, has been married to him twice – from 1968 until their 1974 divorce and then remarrying him in 1977. Concluded the source: “It seems like Ben has some explaining to do to his wife!”

And YET …Ben Stein called up The National ENQUIRER – not once, but twice – to tell us HIS side of the story. “I didn’t have sex with her!” Stein said. “At my age, I don’t even know if that’s possible.” He did admit writing her checks totaling $900 but explained, “I give people money all the time … She told me such a sob story – I felt bad for her.” He also admitted asking her to be his girlfriend. “I ask a lot of girls,” he said. And what does his wife think? “We’ve been together since 1966. She knows everything. This is not a scandal, trust me.”