Beloved Mouseketeer and Beach Party beauty ANNETTE FUNICELLO’s final act as pals fear she has only months to live.
Annette has become so ravaged by her decades-long battle with multiple scle­rosis that friends fear the beloved “Mouseketeer” has only months to live.
The once-bubbly Disney star is a prisoner in her own body.
She recognizes no one as she spends her days in a coma-like state, propped up in an electroni­cally controlled chair, say sources.
Annette, 68, is nearly blind, cannot go to the bathroom on her own or eat solid foods and is fed liquid nourishment through a feeding tube inserted in her stomach.
Nurses who attend to her round-the-clock must clear her throat several times a day to pre­vent the fluid from backing up into her lungs and choking her to death.
“Annette wouldn’t recognize her Mickey Mouse ears anymore,” a friend told The ENQUIRER.
Annette’s husband Glen Holt told The ENQUIRER: “Annette is certainly very ill battling multiple sclerosis for over 20 years.
"The best way fans can help Annette is to donate to her research fund, The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases.
Donations can be made at www.annetteconnection.com.
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